Top tips for getting the most out of your adhesives

Here at Tuskbond, we are always looking at helping our customers to get the most out of our adhesives. Here are a few handy tips:

Prepare your surface

The materials you are bonding together should be clean and dry. Any dust, moisture or dirt might weaken the bond of the adhesive. 

Spray Guns, Tips and Hoses 

Tuskbond canister spray equipment is hard wearing and designed to last. With regular maintenance and cleaning, the gun and hose can be used over and over again. Taking a few easy steps can help prevent blockages and keep your canisters working. 

Tuskbond Spray Guns have a brass spray tip that helps give the product the perfect spray pattern. Be sure to regularly clear the tip of adhesive, particularly after use. This will prevent build-up of adhesive, which can restrict the spray and result in blockages or poor spray patterns. 

Keeping things sealed

When not in use, do not turn your canister off at the main tap (this can cause the adhesive to solidify and block the hose). Instead, lock off the gun using the trigger restrictor. If the canister is going to be left for longer than a few days without use, consider buying a Canister Cleaning Kit.

While the life of each product varies, this is one easy way of extending their lifespan.

Canister Cleaning Kit

The kit is designed to flush the gun and hose assembly with cleaning solvent, allowing both to be removed without risking blockages. 

For more information on this, visit our YouTube channel.

Storage of Canisters

Protect from extremes of temperature in a controlled environment between 15 and 35°C, and away from direct sunlight. Do not stand on a cold concrete floor. Low temperatures can result in irreparable separation of the adhesive. If the adhesive sprays like a jet, the canister is too cold. Warm to at least 10˚C before using.

Other general tips

  • Make sure you read the ‘directions for use’ on all of our labels and download our Safety Data Sheets to ensure products are being used correctly. 
  • Always spray our adhesives in a well ventilated area. 
  • Never pull the adhesive product with the hose when moving it to avoid damage.

For more tips, guides and ‘how-to’ resources, check out the following page to make sure you’re using Tuksbond products to the fullest extent.