What Spray Adhesive is Best for Upholstery Foam?

Upholstery is an incredibly useful skill to acquire as well as a productive DIY project when you are looking to save money when buying furniture. 

After all, why spend plenty of money on an expensive new couch or chair when you have a much more affordable and sustainable option. You can easily find cheaper, durable seating at a flea market or even reuse your own! All you have to do is apply your newfound upholstery skills to reveal brand new, custom seating cushions. 

The first step when learning how to upholster furniture is gathering the right tools. That means a strong, reliable adhesive that can get the job done swiftly, so you can enjoy your upgraded seating right away. Another important feature is a spray adhesive for upholstery foam to ensure accuracy. 

The type of upholstery adhesive spray you choose is all up to you and your specific needs. With many different types of upholstery adhesive spray options available on the market, it is hard to decide which ones will work best. 

Read on to find out what spray adhesive for upholstery foam is best for you. 

Types of Upholstery Glues and Their Uses

Despite Tuskbond having a multipurpose sprayable contact adhesive suitable for bonding a plethora of products, it is important to acknowledge that not every glue is designed to work universally. It is vital to know which upholstery adhesive spray is suitable for your project, so you can achieve your desired result. 

Upholstery Adhesive Spray

First on the list is the upholstery adhesive spray, which comes with a variety of features, so make sure you pick the one that is most suitable for your upholstery project. 

For instance, the Tuskbond HS350 Premium Upholstery Adhesive is an extremely tacky, high solids upholstery adhesive spray. It is designed to provide fast, accurate and ergonomic application to a plethora of substrates including thin and thick fabric, foam, felt, wood, EPS and more, making it extremely versatile. The adhesive is free from all chlorinated solvents, thus being completely safe for your health and the environment. 

However, if you’re searching for an even more multipurpose upholstery adhesive spray specifically for smaller applications, then the Tuskbond HT150 Multipurpose Upholstery Adhesive is recommended. Also free from all chlorinated solvents, it is quick, clean and convenient for all of your small scale upholstery needs. 

It is important you have a good understanding of the type of upholstery project you are undertaking and whether that includes foam or not prior to buying supplies. Are you working on reupholstering an old chair of yours? Then an upholstery adhesive spray is the tool you are looking for. Maybe add a foam cushion to the base before you apply a stylish fabric overlay? Then a spray adhesive for upholstery foam is the perfect solution for you.

Spray Adhesive for Upholstery Foam

The idea of applying a spray adhesive for upholstery foam —a super soft and flexible material— may seem strange, but in actuality, it has been a standard industry practice for many years. 

When bonding pieces of foam together, the adhesive being used makes all the difference. With all the different chemical formulations that make up upholstery foam, some glues do not have strong, instant bonding capabilities. Additionally, the wrong adhesive could potentially damage the material. 

Fortunately, Tuskbond offers a range of high quality spray adhesive for upholstery foam. Spray adhesive for upholstery foam is quite similar to regular upholstery adhesive spray, but the former is designed specifically with varieties of foam and other substrates in mind, making for a flexible and practical product. 

We recommend the Tuskbond HT150 Multipurpose Upholstery Adhesive as it is suitable for bonding most fibrous materials including fabrics and polythene foam to a variety of substrates with its high tack, convenient, quick drying and non chlorinated formulation. It is ideal for small scale applications and laminating of polyurethane foam.

If you are searching for a spray adhesive for upholstery foam with a longer open time for larger applications, we recommend the Tuskbond HH550 High Heat Multipurpose Sprayable Adhesive. It has an excellent heat resistance of over 105˚C and provides a fast and strong permanent bond. It is ideal for van conversions, marine upholstery and vehicle restoration as it bonds a wide array of substrates such as foam, leather, wood, metal, plastic and automotive materials for those who want a multi-substrates option.  

Spray adhesive for upholstery foam is also useful because it is insect, mould and waterproof. If your upholstery project involves outdoor furniture with crevices that may fall susceptible to bug infestation, reaching for one of Tuskbond’s spray adhesive for upholstery foam and sealing those up would be the perfect solution. 

Tuskbond’s range of spray adhesive for upholstery foam are incredibly efficient with a high strength, speedy application and fast drying time of a few minutes. However, the primary disadvantage to that is the fact that once they are applied, they are very difficult to remove or alter. Always be aware and ready to apply when using spray adhesive for upholstery foam to avoid irreversible, costly mistakes.

Sprayable Contact Adhesive 

Sprayable contact adhesive, which, true to its name, is a sprayable, high-heat resistant contact adhesive exhibiting exceptional bond strength and a long open tack time. 

If you are wanting a contact upholstery adhesive spray with extremely high solids content for a premium finish result and limited environmental hazards, whilst saving money due to the better coverage performance, the Tuskbond G500 Premium High Solids Contact Adhesive is a great choice. This contact upholstery adhesive spray also dries to leave a tack-free film, preventing unwanted adhesive transfer. It is also suitable for a number of substrates such as thin and thick fabrics, foam, hessian, felt, and more. 

Similar to the G500, the Tuskbond HH550 High Heat Multipurpose Sprayable Adhesive is a sprayable contact adhesive with a long open tack time and excellent heat resistance of over 105˚C. It also provides a fast and strong permanent bond. Despite having an outstanding bond strength, the G500 actually has a more superior bond strength and is compatible with a wider range of substrates. 

We recommend the Tuskbond ONE Multipurpose Sprayable Contact Adhesive for those looking for a significantly versatile option with a high strength bond achieved in a few minutes. It has a good heat resistance of 100˚C (less than the other two adhesives), but has a class 0 fire rating and is suitable for bonding more substrates than the HH50 contact spray adhesive for upholstery foam.

Upholstery Adhesive Spray Aftercare 

Regardless of the chosen spray adhesive for upholstery foam, when you are done spraying your seating cushions, it is advisable to clean the nozzle on the canister before putting it into storage. This will eliminate adhesive blockages that will make future upholstery projects frustrating, if not impossible. 

We recommend the Tuskbond Canister Cleaning Kit as it is specifically designed to simplify the process of cleaning out products effectively. 

Tuskbond’s Spray Adhesive for Upholstery Foam

There are many options to choose from when it comes to selecting a spray adhesive for upholstery foam. Depending on what you are looking for, for instance, an adhesive that dries quickly, tacks up fast and holds up well in high-temperature environments. Whatever your specific requirements demand, there is an upholstery adhesive spray that is manufactured to meet your needs. 

With these suggestions of upholstery adhesive spray, you should be able to create cosy and chic seating all through your business. Tuskbond specialises in adhesive spray for a plethora of industries including foam & upholstery. 

Our adhesives are designed with sprayable technology to save you time as well as give you visual control, eliminating the possibility of adhesive wastage. With its coverage of 130 sq. metres and instant bond technology, it proves to be a fantastic substitute for traditional adhesive products at every step.

At Tuskbond, we are always looking to provide our customers 100% product satisfaction. Interested in our range of spray adhesive for upholstery foam? Buy it online at Tuskbond today or contact us at 01623722661 or info@tuskbond.co.uk for more information.