Hazards Associated with Chlorinated Products & Alternative Options

Recently, the conversation surrounding spray adhesives has been focussed on ‘Chlorinated’ spray adhesive products. In this article we’d like to discuss Chlorinated adhesives and what Tuskbond are doing to lead the market in offering solutions to these types of products.

1. What is a Chlorinated adhesive?

Chlorinated adhesives are essentially any adhesive that contains some sort of chlorinated solvent. Generally speaking, this is the solvent ‘dichloromethane’ but there are alternatives out there so be aware of products that claim to be ‘dichloromethane free’ as this may not necessarily mean ‘non chlorinated’

2. What is the issue with Chlorinated adhesives and what are the hazards associated with dichloromethane?

Dichloromethane hazards are clearly stated on the artwork and safety data sheet-

H351 – Suspected of causing cancer

Alternatives to these products have been available for many years, these tend to use solvents like Acetone that are slightly safer and do not come with the warnings above. However, these alternatives tended to underperform when compared to chlorinated products, generally having a much stronger odour, slower drying time and being more difficult to work with. 


3. What chlorinated or Dichloromethane alternatives do Tuskbond offer to chlorinated adhesives? 


Tuskbond are uniquely positioned to help users move away from chlorinated adhesives, should they feel the need to. As the only UK spray adhesive manufacturer to have both in house adhesive manufacturing and a full research and development lab, we can be sure that we are at the forefront of innovation surrounding issues like this. When it came to the growing concern around adhesive hazards, Tuskbond took the lead in finding suitable alternatives.


Back in 2016 we launched Tuskbond XPR0. This was a huge leap forward in this area as the product provided all the benefits of the chlorinated adhesive without any of the health and safety issues, whilst not impacting the performance. 

In fact, Tuskbond XPR0 is even safer than other non-chlorinated alternatives!


Ultimately at Tuskbond, our priority is being able to offer our customers as many options as possible so they can pick the best adhesives for their needs, which means we will continue to offer both chlorinated adhesives and non-chlorinated alternatives.