Spray Adhesive Canister Care for Winter

There are many great things about living and working in the UK, but unfortunately, the weather is not one of them! As the months get colder, there are a few things you can do to keep your Tuskbond spray  Adhesive Canisters working perfectly. 

When the adhesive in canisters is allowed to get too cold, it will thicken (like honey stored in the fridge). As it thickens, it will separate from the propellant making it spray with a thick, foamy, silly string-like consistency. 

Below are a few tips to avoid this. 

1. Storage

Ideal storage temperatures for canisters is anywhere between 5°C and 25°C. Avoid putting spray adhesive canisters directly onto the floor, particularly if it’s made of concrete, as this can quickly sap heat out from the canisters. Use something like a wooden pallet to protect them. 

2. Equipment 

Looking after the gun and hose, keeping the tip clean and free from any dried adhesive will give your canisters the best chance of performing in all weathers. Lower ambient temperatures and therefore a more viscous adhesive can lead to more build-up around the spray tip, so be sure to keep it as clean as possible (see our blog on Equipment Maintenance for more information on this).

3. Shake/Agitate 

Canisters are essentially just larger aerosols, and people often naturally shake an aerosol before spraying it without even thinking about it. Although a little harder to do with canisters, agitating it in some way before use can help remix the propellant and adhesive that may have separated slightly in the cold. Be aware that adhesive already in the hose might need to be sprayed out before you see an improvement.