Spray Adhesive Canister Equipment Care

The guns and hoses used with Tuskbond Spray Adhesive Canisters are robust and long-lasting but, like any tool, the correct maintenance dramatically increases their lifespan. 

Keeping your equipment working is key with any job, there’s nothing worse than simple things like tools holding up jobs and costing money. At Tuskbond, we offer training to operatives to help ensure they keep working smoothly. 

  1. The Spray Tip 

The spray tip is the most important area to look after when using spray adhesive canisters. The tip has a small orifice that adhesive can build up around during use. Keeping this area clean is key to keeping your canisters spraying well. After each use, give the tip a wipe with a cloth (using some cleaning solvent can make this easier). Our GC22 cleaning aerosols come with a spray button that makes it perfect for this. 

If your tip is clogged up, don’t panic, it can be removed from the gun and given a thorough clean. Sometimes it helps to leave it in a cleaning solvent overnight to dissolve all the adhesive. 

  1. Between Uses

One of the most common times for blockages to occur is when the spray adhesive canister is not being used. It sounds strange, but the best way to avoid this is to keep the canister switched on between uses. The guns can be closed off using the adjustment nut, so you won’t get any accidental discharge, but leave the canister valve open. Switching the canister off can cause the adhesive left in the hose to cure, creating blockages in the line. If you do want to turn off the canisters, a GC22 cleaning kit can be used to remove any adhesive left in the hose. This is recommended if the canister isn’t going to be used for a few weeks. 

  1. Swapping Spray Adhesive Canisters 

When your canister has emptied, be sure to swap the hose and gun over to a fresh one or clean them through with a GC22 cleaning kit immediately. Even when empty, the hose will contain traces of adhesive that will start to cure, if left for long enough. Once you’ve swapped the gun and hose to a new canister, switch it on to prime the hose with fresh adhesive. 

Following the steps above will ensure that your canister spray equipment doesn’t let you down, saving time and money.