Woodwork and Joinery

Woodwork and Joinery Adhesive

Tuskbond takes pride in offering an expansive array of spray adhesives meticulously tailored to cater to the specific needs of the woodworking and joinery sector. Our comprehensive range addresses the intricate demands of bonding decorative materials, including laminate, solid surface, veneer, and sheet metals, to an array of substrates such as MDF, plywood, OSB, MFC, and more. This diversity of applications underlines the enduring need for Tuskbond across industries.

Picture a workshop scene—sawdust floating in the air, sandpaper smoothing rough edges, and precise measurements leading to the assembly of your hard-earned craftsmanship. In this environment, Tuskbond’s adhesive solutions stand as the essential glue that holds your endeavours together. Our dedicated researchers have calibrated adhesive strengths to perfection, ensuring seamless bonding for all your joinery pursuits.

Be it the intricate artistry of carving a countertop or the meticulous process of perfecting a door frame, our products are your steadfast companions. With Tuskbond, you’re not just obtaining an adhesive; you’re securing the essence of dedication and craftsmanship. Through countless workshops and projects, we continue to be the adhesive partner that you can truly rely on.

What is the purpose of using adhesive in joinery manufacturing?

In the realm of joinery manufacturing, adhesives play a pivotal role, primarily serving two distinct functions. Firstly, they either complement or serve as substitutes for mechanical fasteners during the construction of products. Secondly, they find application in enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the finished piece, such as when attaching decorative finishes like laminates and veneers.

Let’s delve into the various tasks where adhesives are commonly employed by joiners:

Composite Building

Joiners often layer multiple sections of a foundational material like MDF or plywood to achieve the desired thickness and load-bearing capability in the final furniture piece.

Solid Surface Applications

Adhesives securely bond materials like Corian and Getacore to a timber structure, as seen in desks or counters.

We’ve joined forces with Hanex® UK as the authorised suppliers of Hanex® Solid Surfaces within the UK. Our shared objective is to provide unparalleled customer service and expert guidance to the market, enabling them to transform their concepts into tangible realities using Hanex®.

Laminated Finishes

Adhesive usage is crucial for attaching decorative sheet materials such as high-pressure laminate (HPL), metal sheets, faux leather, vinyl, and even textiles onto the timber surface, creating a seamless and captivating appearance.

Wood Veneering

Adhesives facilitate the attachment of paper-backed real wood veneers onto an MDF or plywood base, imitating the look of solid timber while circumventing design limitations.

Adhesives offer enhanced strength to composite builds, allowing for a reduction in the number of mechanical fasteners, thereby saving costs and time. In laminations, adhesives prove indispensable, creating a sleek and flawless appearance without necessitating additional fixings.

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