Tuskbond Foaming PU Applicator

Foaming PU Applicator Product Overview

For roofing solutions, Tuskbond is the name to look out for. As a renowned manufacturer and supplier of sprayable adhesives and accessories across Europe for over 15 years, if you are looking for adhesives and roofing solutions, you are in the right place.

Do you have the right tools for the job? Our Tuskbond Foaming PU Applicator is specifically designed by our R&D team to apply accurate beads of adhesive for that perfect finish. We’ve designed our Foaming PU Applicator using strong and durable materials. It’s lightweight and is easily usable for all.

We offer a complete range of products for both professional and personal use. Our products are available in several sizes and colours according to your needs.

Our Foaming PU Applicator is available in the UK from our distributors and online.

Foaming PU Applicator Features

  • Designed to Apply Accurate Beads of Adhesive
  • 47cm Extension Removes Need to Bend Down
  • Strong, Durable Construction