Tuskbond HS350 Premium Upholstery Adhesive A premium upholstery adhesive with extremely high tack and solids, completely free from all chlorinated solvents.

HS350 Premium Upholstery Adhesive Product Overview

Tuskbond HS350 premium upholstery adhesive is an extremely tacky, high solids spray adhesive. The adhesive is completely free from all chlorinated solvents and is designed to provide fast, accurate and ergonomic application. HS350 is developed for bonding a wide variety of substrates.

HS350 Premium Upholstery Adhesive Features

  • Extremely Tacky
  • Non Chlorinated
  • High Solids Formulation
  • Fast Drying
  • Bonds a Wide Variety of Substrates


  • Thin Fabric
  • Thick Fabric
  • Hessian
  • Felt
  • Foam
  • Wood
  • Plastic
  • EPS