Tuskbond Infusion 701 22L RTM Infusion Adhesive

Product Overview

Tuskbond Infusion 701 is a specially developed spray adhesive designed to hold reinforcing fibres in place during the infusion process of Resin Transfer Moulding.

The super fast drying time ensure that layers can be built up with pebble spray technology covers areas fast and provides a flat bonding surface in seconds.


  • Super fast drying
  • Perfect for lightweight materials
  • Specialised pebble spray pattern
  • Coats the bonding area fast

Technical Info

  • Tack: Medium
  • Drying Time: 5 – 15 sec.
  • Open Time: 2 – 4 mins.
  • Coverage: 440m2
  • Developed for: Light Mats and FRP/GRP