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Tuskbond XPR0 saved me in lockdown!

As you will know working from home has not been easy, especially without a desk, and the extra responsibilities of loading the washing machine & dishwasher! Luckily, a flooring contractor trusted friend of mine soon came to the rescue by making me a desk, in…

ECT Adhesive Solutions- Sprayable Laminating Contact Adhesive without the WEB showing!

ECT Adhesive Solutions (Tuskbond Distributor)- Traditionally, many Sprayable Contact Adhesives were applied with a Web type pattern, but on High Gloss Decorative Laminates, the web pattern could become visible due to the raised pattern of the contact adhesive. This problem is eliminated when using Tuskbond…

About Tuskbond

Tuskbond founded in 2003, offer a complete range of High Performance Canister Adhesives and Accessories for professional use, available in a range of sizes and colours. All Tuskbond Professional Adhesives are manufactured and filled in the UK.  Tuskbond canisters are pressurised and delivered through a gun and hose system which means Tuskbond is fast, accurate, ergonomic and portable, ready for use in a range of applications.

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