Adhesive Accessories

Tuskbond has been offering the UK market a comprehensive range of high performance canister adhesives and accessories for professional use since 2003.

Our excellent reputation throughout the UK and Europe can be attributed to our original formulations made locally in Nottinghamshire from the idea stage all the way through to the manufacturing of our adhesive accessories. Tuskbond’s adhesive accessories are affordable, accurate, ergonomic and portable.

Through years of extensive research and development, Tuskbond has worked hard to identify the particular needs of customers and develop a vast array of cutting-edge spray adhesive accessories.

Our range of adhesive accessories includes various spray guns that are specifically designed to spray atomized liquid in a controlled manner whilst covering a large surface area in no time, strong, durable and accurate foaming PU applicators, lightweight and secure hoses that come in multiple sizes, and more. The unique quality of our products is due to the fact that we have complete control over the performance, quality and consistency which Tuskbond stands for, so if you’re looking for adhesive accessories, reach out now.

Part of our adhesive accessories range is a groundbreaking canister cleaning kit that is perfect for cleaning out products from canister hoses and guns in a simplified manner, once again keeping customers’ potential needs as the number one priority.

Interested in Tuskbond’s adhesive accessories? Contact us today at 01623722661 or email for more information.