Listed below are some frequently asked questions aimed to help with any queries you have and to maximise the performance of your Tuskbond adhesive product. If your query is not answered, please contact our technical department on +44 1623 722661 or email info@tuskbond.co.uk

Which Tuskbond product should I use for bonding polystyrene?

Tuskbond FD170. Other products could eat away at the surface of the polystyrene due to the solvents contained.

How do I set up a Tuskbond Canister?

Please see our set up video


Should I switch off my canister between uses?

Canisters can be left with the valves open, connected to a gun and hose system for up to 2 weeks (ensuring the gun trigger is locked off to prevent accidental spraying). Turning the canister valve off over this period can cause adhesive to cure in the hose causing blockages. If the canisters are to be left unused for over 2 weeks, then it is recommended that the gun and hose system is cleaned using the Tuskbond GC22 canister cleaning system. See our set up video for more information.

Do you have a contact adhesive suitable for High Gloss Laminates?

Our Tuskbond HGL100 is specifically formulated for use with High Gloss Laminates.

My canister is not spraying correctly, what could be the problem?

99% of issues can be attributed to the spray tip of the gun. Over time this tip will build up with residue and the flow of adhesive will be restricted or stopped altogether. To alleviate this problem, the tip can be cleaned after use using a Tuskbond GC22 aerosol or similar solvent cleaner. In extreme cases, the tip can be replaced.

How can I determine if my spray tip is clogged?

Remove the tip from the gun using a spanner then spray the canister onto some scrap material. Take care, as without the tip the adhesive flow could be powerful. If the canister sprays with a strong jet, then your tip needs to be replaced or cleaned.

Where can I find information about specific uses for Tuskbond canisters?

Please contact our Technical team on 01623 772661

What sort of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) do I need when using Tuskbond adhesives?

This is dependent on individual use and should be concluded from COSHH assessments. Download our Safety Data Sheets from the relevant product pages.

How do I remove overspray of adhesive?

Tuskbond GC22 or SC12 can be used to clean some overspray. Alternatively, overspray of adhesive can be removed using white spirit or another similar solvent. Always ensure that the product will not damage the surface being cleaned beforehand. Test before use.

Do your products contain CFC’s?

CFCs were banned in 1989 and are not present in any of our products.

What is the thread size of the canister?

The thread on the canister is 7/16 JIC, 20 threads per inch; the thread on the gun is ΒΌ NPT or BSP, 18 threads per inch.

How much surface coverage is necessary when using a canister adhesive?

For contact adhesives, 80% to 100% coverage on both surfaces is needed to ensure a strong bond.

Are any of your Tuskbond canister adhesives Fire Rated?

Yes, our Tuskbond One and Tuskbond G500 canisters are both Class 0 fire rated. To download the certificate, please visit the relevant product pages. We are constantly updating the testing and certification for our products, so watch this space.

Are any of your Tuskbond canister adhesives Wheelmark accredited?

Yes, our Tuskbond One, Tuskbond G500 and Tuskbond NC501 are all Wheelmark accredited. To download the certificate, please visit the relevant product pages. We are constantly updating the testing and certification for our products, so watch this space.

Will my gun and hose fit your canister?

All universal gun and hoses should fit Tuskbond canisters. Always clean a gun and hose through (see Tuskbond GC22) before swapping between different adhesives as interactions between adhesives could cause blockages.

What is the correct procedure for disposal of a canister?

Please contact our Technical Department on 01623 722661 for information.