Listed below are some frequently asked questions aimed to help with any queries you have and to maximise the performance of your Tuskbond adhesive product. If your query is not answered, please contact our technical department on +44 1623 722661 or email info@tuskbond.co.uk

Which Tuskbond product should I use for bonding polystyrene?

Tuskbond FD170.

Which Tuskbond product should I use on flexible PVC?

Tuskbond CC900.

How do I remove overspray of adhesive?

Overspray can be removed with White Spirit.

Do your products contain CFC’s?

CFC’s were banned in 1989 and are not present in any of our products.

What is the thread size of the canister?

The thread on the canister is 7/16 JIC, 20 threads per inch; the thread on the gun is ΒΌ NPT or BSP, 18 threads per inch.

How much coverage is necessary when using canister adhesives?

We recommend coverage of 80-100% when using our adhesives at their required coat weights.

Are any of your Tuskbond canister adhesives Fire Rated?

Yes, our Tuskbond ONE is BS 476 Part 6- Pass, Part 7- Class 1. Building Regulations: Class 0

Are any of your Tuskbond canister adhesives Wheelmark accredited?

Yes, Our Tuskbond ONE, Tuskbond G500 and Tuskbond NC501 are all Wheelmark accredited.

Will my gun and hose fit your canister?

Yes, all universal guns and hoses fit our canisters.

What is the correct procedure for disposal of a canister?

Please contact our Technical team on 01623 722661.