Foam & Upholstery

With our focus on upholstery spray adhesive, Tuskbond has developed innovative Tuskbond EPDM contact adhesives that utilise sprayable technology, offering time-saving benefits and minimising adhesive wastage. These adhesives cover an impressive 130 square metres and boast instant bonding capabilities, making them a superior alternative to traditional upholstery adhesive products at every stage.

At Tuskbond, we are committed to delivering 100% customer satisfaction with our specially designed EPDM adhesives. These high-performance roof adhesives are versatile and compatible with various materials, including concrete, wood, metal, glass fibre-coated insulation, mineral wool insulation, EPDM, and TPO surfaces.

Drawing from our 16 years of experience, we are proud to be the first company to provide the UK market with a comprehensive range of professional foam and upholstery adhesives and accessories. Our products are SAFT testing approved for contact adhesive quality, ensuring your peace of mind. You can conveniently purchase EPDM contact adhesive for sale online through Tuskbond.

Adhesive & Accessories

Since 2003, Tuskbond has been offering the UK market a complete selection of high-performance canister adhesives and accessories for professional use. Our outstanding reputation across the UK and Europe is the result of our original formulations developed locally in Nottinghamshire, spanning from the initial concept to the production and filling of our upholstery adhesive spray. Tuskbond’s upholstery adhesive spray is characterised by its speed, accuracy, ergonomic design, and portability.

Adhesive Upholstery Spray Foam

Tuskbond has collaborated closely with the foam and upholstery industry to identify customer needs and create a wide range of state-of-the-art solutions for upholstery adhesive spray. Based on extensive research and development spanning multiple years, our mission is to empower customers to choose, develop, and create the best upholstery adhesive spray for their businesses, all at a competitive price.

Our spray adhesives are capable of instant bonding with a variety of materials, including concrete, wood, metal, glass fibre-coated insulation, mineral wool insulation, EPDM, and TPO. You can rely on our upholstery adhesive spray to efficiently handle tasks, whether your materials are thick, heavy, or uneven. Its strength and tackiness endure over extended periods.

Our specialised formula addresses various concerns, featuring high strength, low odour, non-chlorinated composition, resistance to temperatures up to 100°C, and a class 0 fire rating. The unique quality of our products stems from our complete control over performance, quality, and consistency, all of which Tuskbond upholstery adhesive products represent.

Upholstery Adhesive Spray

Tuskbond’s upholstery adhesive spray stands out for its remarkable efficiency, offering a simple and swift application process and a fast drying time, typically taking just a few minutes. As part of our foam and upholstery range, we introduce a groundbreaking EPDM contact adhesive with visual control, eliminating the risk of adhesive wastage while prioritising the needs of our customers.

The safety of our customers remains our utmost priority. To ensure minimal toxicity and low risk to human health, we employ the latest solvent technology.

If you are interested in Tuskbond’s upholstery adhesive spray, please don’t hesitate to contact us today at 01623722661 or via email at for additional information.