Contract Flooring

Contract Flooring Adhesives

Tuskbond has been providing the UK market with a comprehensive range of top-quality canister adhesives and associated products designed for professional use in the contract flooring sector since 2003.

Our outstanding reputation in the UK and Europe can be attributed to our original formulations created locally in Nottinghamshire, starting from the conceptual stage all the way through to the production and filling of our floor adhesive spray. Tuskbond’s floor adhesive spray for contract flooring is known for its speed, precision, ergonomic design, and portability.

Collaborative Solutions for Contract Flooring

Tuskbond has worked closely with professionals in the contract flooring industry to understand their specific requirements and has developed a wide range of advanced solutions for floor adhesive spray.

Through years of extensive research and development, our goal is to continue empowering our customers to choose, develop, and implement the finest flooring adhesive spray solutions for their businesses at a competitive cost.

Exceptional Floor Adhesive Spray

With the ability to adhere to various Contract flooring materials, you can rely on our floor adhesive spray to effectively tackle the task. The specialised formula addresses a range of issues, offering long-lasting tackiness, high strength, low odour, heat resistance, and waterproof properties. The exceptional quality of our products is a result of our complete control over performance, quality, and consistency, which is the hallmark of Tuskbond.

Tuskbond’s contract flooring solutions are remarkably efficient, with a straightforward and speedy application process, excellent adhesion, and a quick drying time of just a few minutes.

In addition, Tuskbond offers exceptional fabric protectors and cleaners that are compatible with various surfaces, once again emphasising our commitment to addressing our customers’ needs.

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