Professional Spray Adhesive for Plug Build and Infusion

Tuskbond has worked closely within the composite industry to identify the particular needs of customers and develop a vast array of cutting-edge spray adhesive for composite materials. Based on years of development, we offer adhesives for a wide range of materials and types of infusion processes.

The unique quality of our products is that we develop and manufacture our own adhesives for the full composite range, allowing us complete control over the performance, quality and consistency that Tuskbond stands for.

Tuskbond has been offering the UK market a comprehensive range of high performance canister adhesives and accessories for professional use since 2003.

Tuskbond’s Reputation

Our excellent reputation throughout the UK and Europe can be attributed to our original formulations made locally in Nottinghamshire from the idea stage all the way through to the manufacturing and filling of our spray adhesives. Tuskbond adhesives are fast, accurate, ergonomic and portable.

Based on years of extensive research and development, our mission is to continue to enable our customers to select, develop and create the best spray adhesive for composite materials and various types of plug build and infusion processes at a competitive price.

Our Composite Range

Able to bond to a number of materials, you can trust our spray adhesive to reliably handle the job in the most effective way possible. Whether materials are thick, heavy or distressed, the specialised formula remains extremely strong and maintains its tack for long periods of time.

Tuskbond spray adhesives are incredibly efficient with a simple, speedy application and fast drying time starting from 5 seconds.

Part of our range is a groundbreaking solvent based cleaner with visual control that is perfect for removing any potential adhesive overspray, once again keeping customers’ potential needs as the number one priority.

Our products have been used successfully in this market for many years and in areas as diverse as marine, aerospace and energy sectors.

Interested in Tuskbond’s professional spray adhesives for composite materials? Contact us today at 01623722661 or email for more information.