Composite Adhesive Solutions for Plug Build and Infusion

Tuskbond has fostered a close collaboration within the composite industry, diligently seeking to address the distinct requirements of customers by crafting a diverse range of state-of-the-art spray adhesives specifically designed for composite materials. Drawing on years of extensive development, we proudly present a comprehensive selection of composite adhesive solutions tailored to a wide variety of materials and infusion processes.

What sets our products apart is our capacity to formulate and produce our own composite adhesives, covering the entire spectrum of composite materials. This approach provides us with complete authority over the performance, quality, and consistency that Tuskbond has built its reputation upon.

Since 2003, Tuskbond has been a reliable source for the UK market, offering a comprehensive assortment of high-performance canister adhesives and accompanying accessories expertly crafted for professional use.

Tuskbond’s Solid Reputation in the Composite Industry

Our sterling reputation in the composite industry is a testament to our original formulations, created locally in Nottinghamshire. We oversee every aspect, from conception to the actual manufacturing and filling of our composite adhesives. Tuskbond’s composite adhesives are characterised by their speed, precision, ergonomic design, and portability.

Driven by years of in-depth research and development, our mission is to continue empowering our customers to select, develop, and create the finest composite adhesive solutions for various plug build and infusion processes while offering competitive pricing.

Explore Our Comprehensive Composite Adhesive Range

Our composite adhesive solutions are engineered to bond with a diverse array of materials, ensuring efficient performance in the most effective manner possible. Whether working with thick, heavy, or distressed materials, our specialised formula maintains remarkable strength and tackiness over extended periods.

Tuskbond’s composite adhesives are highly efficient, providing a straightforward, rapid application process and quick drying times, with some adhesives drying in as little as 5 seconds.

In our product range, you’ll also find a groundbreaking solvent-based cleaner featuring visual control, ideal for eliminating any potential adhesive overspray. Once again, this underscores our unwavering commitment to prioritising our customers’ needs.

Our composite adhesive solutions have been successfully used in various industries, from marine and aerospace to the energy sector, where they have consistently demonstrated their effectiveness.

If you’re interested in Tuskbond’s professional spray adhesive solutions tailored for composite materials and composite adhesive needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us today at 01623722661 or email us at for more information.