Tuskbond Infusion 305 Plug Build 500ml Plug Build Foam Bonding Adhesive

Product Overview

Tuskbond Infusion 305 is a sprayable adhesive developed for bonding foam to itself and to timber during the construction of foam plugs.

The adhesive is quick to apply and fast drying so plugs can be built quickly.

The adhesive is very tacky and can be used as a one or two way stick depending on the strength of bond required.


  • Polystyrene compatible
  • Fast drying
  • Perfect for plug building
  • Can also be used to bond plugs to a subdeck

Technical Info

  • Tack: Very High
  • Drying Time: 5 – 10 sec.
  • Open Time: 1 hour
  • Coverage: 6m2
  • Developed for: Timber and Foam