Tuskbond Premium Spray Gun

Premium Spray Gun Product Overview

Spray Guns – a handy tool to help you cover a large surface area in no time at all! Tuskbond premium spray gun helps you paint at a large scale with precision and efficiency with minimal time and strength. Connect the spray gun to the product to help you cover all of those little crevices and any other areas where a brush can’t reach.

Tuskbond premium spray gun is made with a robust aluminium-alloy body and includes a 9501 spray tip and other interchangeable unijet spray tips.

It works in high volume at low pressure to ensure that a proper coat of paint is applied evenly. As it works at a low air pressure, it requires less paint to cover a large surface area comparatively and avoid lots of wastage. Tuskbond premium spray gun also allows for spraying on thinner textured materials avoiding the excessive spray of paint in one area. Our Premium Spray Gun is available in the UK from our distributors and online.

Premium Spray Gun Features

  • Strong Aluminium Alloy Body
  • Includes 9501 Spray Tip
  • Accommodates all Interchangeable Unijet Spray Tips