Tuskbond Foaming Adhesive A one part, sprayable, foaming polyurethane adhesive for a wide range of insulation materials.

Foaming Adhesive Product Overview

Tuskbond Foaming Insulation Adhesive is a one part, self-contained, sprayable, foaming polyurethane adhesive, designed to bond a wide range of insulation materials.

This foaming adhesive is designed to quickly and precisely deliver a bead of polyurethane foam, drastically reducing the time taken to install insulation, typically halving the cure time taken from traditional poured single component polyurethane products.

Finding a good quality Foaming Insulation for sale in the UK can be a tough job to do but worry not Tuskbond is here to help! Seal or bond any insulation with Tuskbond foaming insulation – Our product is designed with sprayable polyurethane foam – the best possible insulating material available in the market. This one part, sprayable, self-contained Tuskbond Foaming Insulation Adhesive is designed to bond a varied range of insulation materials and surfaces.

Our sprayable polyurethane foaming adhesive provides 350 sq. meter coverage and delivers a quick, easy and precise bed of polyurethane foam, with a perfect finish. Plus it’s done in less time than traditional foaming insulation techniques, providing a superb seal whilst allowing proper and controlled filtered ventilation to the building. With less wastage and easy usage, the Tuskbond Foaming Insulation Adhesive can also be used on uneven surfaces to seal it properly.

Foaming Adhesive Features

  • 350m² Coverage*
  • Fast, Easy and Precise Application
  • Foaming Adhesive
  • Suitable For Bonding Uneven Surfaces
  • Low Cure Time
  • Reduced Waste

*Calculation based on 20 – 40mm beads