Month: March 2023

Hazards Associated with Chlorinated Products & Alternative Options

Recently, the conversation surrounding spray adhesives has been focussed on ‘Chlorinated’ spray adhesive products. In this article we’d like to discuss Chlorinated adhesives and what Tuskbond are doing to lead the market in offering solutions to these types of products. 1. What is a Chlorinated…

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Spray Adhesive Canister Equipment Care

The guns and hoses used with Tuskbond Spray Adhesive Canisters are robust and long-lasting but, like any tool, the correct maintenance dramatically increases their lifespan.  Keeping your equipment working is key with any job, there’s nothing worse than simple things like tools holding up jobs…

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Spray Adhesive Canister Care for Winter

There are many great things about living and working in the UK, but unfortunately, the weather is not one of them! As the months get colder, there are a few things you can do to keep your Tuskbond spray  Adhesive Canisters working perfectly.  When the…

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